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TwiStatistic – Twitter Account Analysis

Over the Christmas holidays (when I should have been revising) I wrote a small website which would allow users to lookup Twitter users and generate some interesting statistics about their tweeting habits, their followers and following. The statistics generated, I found, can be quite interesting – for instance did you know that 55% of my …

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Whereabouts are you?

If you’re one of the people who are using my uni pinging script you may have noticed that it has sped up slightly, this is because it has now been partially parallelised (it sends out a maximum of 10 pings to 10 different hosts every couple of seconds)! Another feature I’ve been wanting to implement …

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The Website Is Down

So our network at uni went down earlier this week for the first time since I’ve arrived last year, so I quickly wrote a PHP script to find out how to check if hosts are online or not (basically, whether they are responding to pings or not – you can see it in action here), …

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