The Cost Of The Cloud

I’ve been interested in the main developments in cloud storage that have happened over this week. With Google announcing Google Drive, and SkyDrive customers being upgraded to 25GB of free storage. I thought I would have a look at the 3 big players (Dropbox, Google Drive, and SkyDrive) and have a comparison between their free storage provided and their pricing for additional storage.

Free Storage

Dropbox – 2GB on account creation and an additional 500MB per referral (capped at 18GB).
Google Drive – 5GB (more specifically, 5 GB in Google Drive, 1 GB in Picasa, and 10 GB for Gmail).
SkyDrive – 25GB (for a limited time, then it will be 7GB).

Google offers at most 16TB of storage so I’ve been using this as the comparison point.

Purchasing any additional storage on Google Drive will increase your data limit to 25GB on Gmail.
Purchasing additional storage on SkyDrive does not affect the size of your Hotmail inbox, however Hotmail has a larger data limit of 500GB.

Google Drive – $9,599.88 (£5,949.36) per year.
Dropbox – $31,840.00 (£19,734.72) per year.
Dropbox Teams – $10,170.00 (£6,302.67) per year and with a team consisting of 80 people.
SkyDrive – £5,120.00 ($8,260.60) per year.

8 x 2TB hard disk – approx. ~£560.00 ($903.50), one off fee, it lasts until the disk breaks.

Here is how these costs were calculated:
- Google Drive: 16TB per month * 12.
- Dropbox: 100GB per year * 160 (to get to 16TB), note this will allow you to gain a maximum of 5.12 TB of storage if you have 5120 referrals.
- Dropbox Teams: initial price for 5 team members (gives you a maximum allowance of 1TB) + 75 * cost of additional team member (200GB is given for each additional team member).
- SkyDrive: 100GB per year * 160.

Ignoring just buying your own hard disks and not having any sort of data redundancy, it seems that SkyDrive is the cheapest option, and with Dropbox being almost 4 times more expensive.

I was actually very surprised by these costs. Especially by how similar the cost between SkyDrive and Google Drive is, and how expensive Dropbox is as the current market leader.

It looks like for the mean time I will be sticking with the free storage options!

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  1. Allen Raymundo says:

    yes skydrive is much cheaper but we all want to protect our files uploaded in a cloud. we just have to forget the pricing if we are going to upload important files if not let’s just go with the cheaper one. good post by the way.

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