Under the hood

Personally I find the really low level things that computers do very interesting, and although this is covered a bit in my uni course I feel the need to “poke about” a real system, so I’ve came up with a little humourous (well, for me anyways) project for myself which should allow me to learn about this area.

Effectively my plan is to produce a program which hooks onto all the active processes and “override” some form system API such as DrawText and then flip the string, which should hopefully acheive the effect of inverting all the text on the screen!

I’ve actually been wanting to do this for a while but have put it on the backburner since I wasn’t familiar with the programming language I was hoping to write it in, C++, however I reckon now is a good time to do so as I’ll also be learning C at the same time and I understand that C++ is basically an OOP version of C (although it should be possible to do it in C) . The reason for needing it to be done in either C or C++ is that in a Managed language such as C# or Java the programmer doesn’t have enough access to the low level areas of the computer (or it is at least restricted), which has both it’s advantages and disadvantages, whereas C and C++ are Unmanaged programming languages and let you mess about with these areas – this gives me the access which is required in order to be able to access the DrawText method more or less directly.

I’ll post more about this after I’ve made some headway with it.

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